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I am not trying to discriminate the boys in any way, this is for entertainment purposes. Fanfictions: -Into The World Of Sins [Yandere! Masterlist BTS Ask Box: Open [x] Closed [ ] Hybrid/Bullet Point Au. ALSO THIS IS TWO YANDERE BOYS FIGHTING OVER YOU. list . Notes. Blackpink] [Card / Royalty / Fantasy AU]-Yandere! Blackpink Kinks-Yandere! Blackpink when s/o tries to leave them. I tried my best with this. [Requests are open, but slow. Drabbles / One-shots -Rose becoming obsessed with a fan after meeting them at a fanmeet. I love you babies <3. You didn’t know how Taehyung felt about you, he hid it so well. If you don’t like the thought of someone murdering others for someone ,please get the fuck off. Originally posted by smolsejun.

No other man will even think of touching you unless they want to lose a hand. BTS Mafia au They are overprotective Stray Kids Yandere! au reaction to their s/o trying to run away STRAY KIDS YANDERE! They see you practicing martial arts with a friend Stray Kids YANDERE! reaction when you faint in front of them because of overworking Bang Chan Yandere headcanons bts-skies: “Summary: CEO Jungkook au Jeon Jungkook, heir to a fortune, notorious playboy, wealthier than your wildest dreams and of the millions of heartbeats the city encompasses he wants ly-nia said: that’s yandere Answer: AH THANK U!!!!! i just saw pics of mark from nct hugging fans and i was scrolling through the comments and 95% of them were just people going “omg i’m so hurt” “nooo get off him he’s mine” “mine mine mine” “get your hands off her/him” “i’m heartbroken” -Mine [Yandere! Jimin] [Reader-Insert] BTS Serial Killer AU-Yandere! BTS Furniture AU Bts Reaction to finding your tumblr and seeing you read smut (M) Bts Crazy For Me/Yandere!Mark T. Words: 10,538. Hoseok: “WOMAN! WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS TOUCHING ME?” *Let’s go of his arm in surprise* “No, no don’t stop. There are a few youtube channels for it but I’m gonna recommend you my favorite: Easton and Emmary asmr. Warning: This is a Yandere story, it will contain themes such as stalking, violence, obsession, possessive natures, and just general overall creepiness and swearing. everything is fine and dandy until namjoon heard first-hand, how it actually sounds like. “No, please. ’ //Monster by Exo • ‘I’m creeping in your heart BTS Reactions to their GF finding out they’re a demon (and she’s pretty damn terrified) Per request. Mine [Yandere! Jimin X Reader] [[MORE]]You shivered as he pinned your arms against the wall. You waved your Bangtan Bomb excitedly and singing Blood Sweat and Tears loudly. Not one person more, not one person less -- just Jungkook, Taehyung and [Name].

Mine (Yandere) Mine (2) (Yandere) BOOK. Pretty interesting, thank you! I worked here under the assumption that they would behave slightly Posted 2 years ago with 2429 notes Saturday, November 5th, 2016 — 12:57AM BTS AU's! [Images and GIF's aren't mine!] Hi! This blog is made generally for headcanons/oneshots! Please send in a request if you have one! You were chanting the BTS fanchant loudly with the other fans with Jin as your bias. ” Originally posted by Jeno yandere AU: admin note: sorry that this is extremely short. When he sees that guy being just a little too friendly, he won’t deny his feelings, he’s definitely jealous. Also I don’t own any gifs. JUST A SLAVE (M,S)– pt (1) (2) (4) (5) What happened if BTS took you in, as you were homeless and slowly began to trap you in your own hell. ’ //Monster by Exo • ‘I’m creeping in your heart BTS boyfriend scenarios (NOTE - GIFS ARE NOT MINE! & this is BxG parings) M. ” “That’s not what I meant,” you laughed although a part of you was pleased with his answer. Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo. Viewer discretion is advised!!! Thank you for requesting, my sweet dove! You’re English is phenomenal! Does anyone here listen to roleplay asmr? It’s like my second favorite kind and about a month ago I stumbled upon yandere roleplay asmr, and let’s just say I’m obsessed (a yandere for yandere asmr). BTS masterlist bts series bts reactions bts scenarios bts captions bts requests bts au bts smut bts jungkook bts jimin bts taehyung bts v bts hoseok bts j-hope bts namjoon bts rm bts seokjin bts jin bts yoongi bts suga cheemiwrites masterlist cheemiwriteskpop chee writes admin chee bts angst bts fluff bts jungkook smut bts jimin smut bts Posted 2 years ago with 2429 notes Saturday, November 5th, 2016 — 12:57AM “I’m here to take back what’s mine, Y/N,” he said before pulling you into a searing kiss. Open in app; Requested: YANDERE BTS vs GOT7.

bts bangtan bangtan sonyeondan j-hope bts j-hope jhope bts jhope jung hoseok junghoseok hoseok bts hoseok bts imagine bts imagines bts react bts reacts bts reactions bts masterlist bts fanfic bts fanfiction bts mafia au hobi bts hobi Yandere!AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series. A little note about this lovelies; this was a lot easier than the last ones because I rehashed some of it sorry if this makes you angry the fighting between them is different though sweeties. Jungkook: Yandere Jungkook will quietly express his jealousy, in little ways and mostly in actions. Masterlist - A/N: Compilation of every single work of mine, which includes scenarios, AU!s and fake texts. THE HEARSAY ━ YANDERE BTS REACTION*:・。. Please, I’ll do anything-!” Smack. So I decided to start at first with moodboards and what type of yandere they would be. Since he’s so smart, he would manipulate u into believing that u would be in danger if he wasn’t there to protect u. Not even once. BTS Gangbang. Open in app; bts-aesthetics-for-the-soul said: @kahaleen considering the amount of cultural aaprpriation and shit theyve thrown around probably not Requested: YANDERE BTS vs GOT7. They meet eyes across the street Yoongi thinks she a witch but a beautiful witch but she not shes just a human whose on the run from her ex whose trying to kill her and her unborn child and Yoongi kidnaps her and hurt her mentally but not physically and after awhile after awhile he relaizes his been in love her with since they're eyes meant~ *sighs See what Na Fah (fah1577) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

Trust In Me/ Yandere Hoseok/ Mafia Au. WARNING(PLEASE READ): This is a Yandere reaction! Therefore it can be uncomfortable for some to read which is perfectly okay. `yandere!bts reaction their crush is pregnant, but it’s not theirs `yandere!mafia boss bts reaction to their s/o escaping `bts reaction to having a yadere!friend who wants to be their lover `bts reaction to being completely smitten and obsessed with you that they would do anything to make you happy bts bts au bts fanfiction bts yandere au jin suga j-hope rm jimin v jungkook kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok kim namjoon park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook 30 notes Dec 6th, 2018 Yandere!Suga x reader This was a special request by someone (I’m sorry I can’t remember whom). “Hello fellow human being! I was wondering if you could do a yandere!BTS reaction to their S/O thinking they're cheating? If you could do it, thank you so so muchhhhhhh” Yandere!AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series. Originally posted by love-me-like-this “Hello fellow human being! I was wondering if you could do a yandere!BTS reaction to their S/O thinking they're cheating? If you could do it, thank you so so muchhhhhhh” Yandere!AU - Part of the Yandere!EXO X Reader Series. This was a lot less work on mommy. Hi! I’m planing to do Yandere!BTS reactions and I didn’t know how to start. Only You by @sweetbunnykook. Yandere Tord? No? Okay. Wake Up/ Yandere Jungkook/ Continuation for Yandere bts waking you up with sex/oral. 605 notes. Obsession 《Taehyung Yandere》 (M,S)- pt (1) BOOKS.

You have been warned. Requested: YANDERE BTS vs GOT7. Damn, you could die with his blowing kiss. I’m nearly done with the hero version but not quite finished with the villain I just accepted his flaws, as he accepted mine… bts fanfiction bts fanfic bts android au bts robot au bts au bts x reader jungkook x reader jeon jungkook x reader taehyung x reader kim taehyung x reader v x reader tae x reader park jimin x reader jimin x reader yandere jungkook yandere jungkook x reader yandere bts bts artificially inclined A/N: I hope you guys have done the survey for the giveaway here :) #short one. Cold, distant, and always busy your boss didn’t bother to say hello to you. “Hello fellow human being! I was wondering if you could do a yandere!BTS reaction to their S/O thinking they're cheating? If you could do it, thank you so so muchhhhhhh” Guys, PLEASE, take a moment of your time and give some praise to this MARVELOUS piece of art. WARNING - This is a yandere au, meaning the following may be triggering to some viewers. I’m nearly done with the hero version but not quite finished with the villain BTS boyfriend scenarios (NOTE - GIFS ARE NOT MINE! & this is BxG parings) M. 5. yandere (presumably a hacker in this case, force messaging on oc’s phone): i can give you anything you want y/n, you just have to be mine by coming to [this place] oc: *reports it to police and then gets chicken nuggets* //this is bad oof. ↳genre fluff, domestic au, namjoon husband au, marriage au ain’t no smut inside i think? is that scene considered smut hmm no idea ↳ words 4k ↳ summary the ordeals that females face everyday isn’t something new to talk about, but it’s an issue that needs constant reminder. o having insomnia and not having a decent sleep for weeks.

com Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Jealousy // Yandere BTS x Reader. They will be open again very soon! Always feel free to ask me anything!~ Questions, opinions, advice, etc. SHORTIE | Tumblr Yandere! High school! BTS AU : Their reaction to you getting bullied (Maknae line edition) Jimin:. your-yandere-kiss: “Hello, darlings~I’m working on my Yandere Cult for the DC Universe and I have a question. bts reactions bts imagines bts bangtan jimin jungkook jin hoseok j-hope bts scnearios bts fanfiction kpop reactions kpop imagines kpop fanfiction hyung line kim namjoon rm yoongi suga taehyung v. These are loosely based on the fairy tales, but somethings will be different because that’s how I want it to be lol. Best For You [Yandere! Jimin] [Reader-Insert] Jimin spoiled you so much. At first you found it rude but then you just got used to it. Some Yandere Kpop Songs //Obsession by Gdragon • ‘Because I love her so much my greed keeps growing. `bts reaction to being completely smitten and obsessed with you that they would do anything to make you happy `yandere!bts reaction to you rejecting their physical affection because you’re not used to it ~S H O R T ~ S C E N A R I O S~ `yandere!jin` you going out at night `yandere!yoongi` you have to go on a business trip `yandere!jungkook YANDERE!BTS REACTION to you having insomnia [hyung line]Request by: @v-2bucky Request:Can I request for BTS yandere reacting to their s. Read at your own risk.

4. Found You/ Yandere King Taehyung/ Royal Au. Bow Wow - Shortie Like Mine Lyrics | AZLyrics. The way they hug you… Jin - Tight hugs, not wanting to let go. :/ •first off • there’s a bunch of definitions for ‘yandere’ and i went with the “love struck one” • if Requested: Yandere BTS Reaction to Crush(You) Not Dating Before. Don’t run don’t escape. BTS Reaction to you loving classical music. ] [5/5 PM Rps & 6/6 Public Rps] phew gotta blaST bts bts yandere yandere!jungkook jungkook yandere bts blurbs bts imagines bts drabbles bts au yandere imagines jungkook x reader imagines drabbles blurbs au bts reactions bts scenarios kpop kpop yandere kpop drabbles kpop imagines kpop blurbs kpop au jimin jungkook taehyung namjoon hoseok jhope I love yandere Yoongi, I can see it already. I know that I never recommend this kind of work, but I’m fucking in love and @worldwidebt7 DESERVE lots of compliments and loooooooooooove. Jungkook: I'm writing some Yandere!BTS AU,which is also a Carrie!AU yet I don't feel sure about finishing it since English isn't my first language and I feel like it isn't as beautifully written like all of these other fanfics are. That’s how long you had been working for Mr Min. Genre: Mature, Horror, Angst, Semi-Smut (Mentions of it) Pairing: Luhan X Reader.

it sounded better in my head, and more entertaining if you actually the play the route tt-tt-ambi ♥ hmm, maybe. Mafia/ Yandere! Yoongi x reader| Mine. ” He whines. I want you for myself. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! It didn’t turn out the way I wanted tho… Five months. Trust Me - Yandere!Doctor!Yixing X Reader. Jungkook was elated when Taehyung and [Name] told him that they had become a couple. Warning: As this post contains yandere themes, the characters display behaviors that can be uncomfortable to read. BTS. 2. friendlylifecherry asked:. What isn’t okay is messaging me to complain about this when I have warned you.

3. i have written yandere things for Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Ten, and Taeyong. He would make u afraid of going outside w/o him. “I know you love it, but if you saw other guys with veins you wouldn’t touch them right? Just mine right? Because you are mine. Starts stripping as soon as he finds out you’re missing, “Taehyung, tell the pack I have to run some personal errands. Yandere BTS to you Looking Into Their Eyes While Making Love. Yandere bts reaction to you wanting to record having sex~ One personal work in Yandere!BTS Moodboards and Types. What’s Mine Is Mine by @avveh (not yandere but still well worth the read :) The Little Mermaid and Oath Of Desires by @an AU where BTS play the roles of the classic princesses, and are yandere. Super sry! Just saw this! Mental abuse is 100% of your relationship. Morning Sex/ Yandere Jin/ Continuation for Yandere bts waking you up with sex/oral. (ASK YANDERE SUGA! AU) ~ Oppa, please give me compliments so I can feel better! *Shy* 🙈 This is an easy one, you’re gorgeous! Smart! Hard-working! Kind! A great person to be with, everyone that knows you is blessed by your presence! But, I feel the most thankful. So, you MINE (YANDERE) MINE (2) (YANDERE) CLEAN IT UP; BOOK.

Jimin. Anonymous said: Could I request yandere jungkook bullying angel!reader who is sent to earth and doesnt know how the "human world works" and he gets emotional when he finds out that she has to go back MINE (YANDERE) MINE (2) (YANDERE) CLEAN IT UP; BOOK. Feb 04 2018. “If we go through with this, you’re mine and mine alone. If this is not for you then AKSDFSJADFJASOPFASSUH. doing so will be considered as Ask us anything, if you have the guts |Ask box open I’m kinda inactive lately if you can’t tell. both Jaehyun, Ten, and Jungwoo play yandere-type characters in the Predator series, and Taeyong’s was a little unconventinal as part of my little Arkham au. The next day seemed like it was going to be uneventful. ” Lightly swinging the bat, Taehyung’s fiery eyes met Jin’s. OBSESSION (TAEHYUNG/YANDERE): I will find you, you can run Mine [Yandere! Jimin X Reader] an-ambivalent: “Keep reading ” kpop yandere kpop x reader yandere bts x reader bts scenario bts imagine bts fanfic yandere au Mafia/ Yandere! Yoongi x reader| Mine. 64 notes. If a link doesn’t work, please tell me HERE! Thank you Yandere BTS; kpop; yandere kpop; Summary [Yandere! Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung] [Poly AU] It had only been them three for a long time.

Bare with me please. WATTPAD BOOKS. “I don’t share, Y/N,” he almost growled. Jeno yandere AU: admin note: sorry that this is extremely short. I still write but updates aren’t consistent because depression and exhaustion are a bitch. and the event that You were chanting the BTS fanchant loudly with the other fans with Jin as your bias. “When we go through with this, it has to be an equal #yandere BTS #yandere kpop #yandere x reader #Yandere Hoseok #BTS J-hope #Jung Hoseok #hoseok x reader #Yandere Hoseok x reader #Yandere BTS AU. thank_you_bts kook bts smut bts au bts yandere kpop ships bts ships vkook Jealousy // Yandere BTS x Reader. BTS Reaction to Twerking. Because you’re mine and I get to have you like no one else. Yandere AU - Part of the and also a regular patient of this list contains my own writings & video edits I do not allow any reposting, translate or modifying with any of my works in any platform, website, form or shape. He gave you everything that you ever wanted no matter how expensive or difficult it might’ve been to obtain it.

“MAKE UP YOUR MIND HOSEOK. OBSESSION (TAEHYUNG/YANDERE): I will find you, you can run and hid. Warning! This is just an AU!! please do not take this so seriously. Yandere Gundham au (Main and reserve are equal AU): Some absolute fool from the reserve course gets it into her head that Gundham is her soulmate and that Kazuichi is getting in the way of their happiness (by the way, Kaz doesn't even know Gundham likes him at this point), so she starts harassing Kazuichi, calling him stuff like "whore" and "homewrecker" and even Yandere! Mafia! BTS AU : Their reaction to you hanging out with a rival group (Hyung line) ‘Hi, i don’t mean to bother you, but may I request a yandere bts reaction, where their gf is spending more time with their rival, like Exo for example?’ - @lejindarywrites “I’m so glad that you’re mine, only mine. It's where your interests connect you with your people. A dangerous game by @goldngguk. Yandere bts reaction to you wanting to record having sex~ One personal work in 1. ” Namjoon BTS imagine | Yandere AU You being in a relationship with them (part 1 of 2) Hyung line Jin Jin is naturally a really caring person. It feels half assed so I’ll either do a part two or rewrite it for y'all if you want. He would always make sure you’d have everything you could have ever BTS Maknae Line YANDERE! Demon auThey are obsessed with youI’m sorry for any mistakes. Originally posted by love-me-like-this Powered by Tumblr. He literally could not have been happier.

” “I don’t know why you’re looking at my jagi but if you do that again I can tell you that you won’t have any teeth left in that disgusting mouth of yours. But in the end you are mine, and I will find you. Yandere BTS Reaction to you leaving Korea after studying abroad. Click on the title to access them. BTS Bestfriend Jungkook x Reader. You can request Mafia or yandere au for BTS, NCT, Stray Kids, Ikon TaehyungAt first he Yandere! BTS reaction to you screaming at them you hate them and you’ll never love them after a punishmentI’m sorry for any possible mistakes Jin As soon as you said these words, you were prepared to Taehyung: Mine (Yandere) *Requested* WARNING: MURDER AND STALKINGYou and Taehyung were very close friends and was for a very long while. my art bts bts fanart bts au bts jin kim seokjin bts v kim taehyung taejin more wings angst sorry im so boring lmao. BTS (Yandere! Ver) Stopping You From Leaving Them @itzmaddielol Asked: Could you please do another one of you trying to leave them but they won’t let you bts BTS Maknae Line YANDERE! Demon au They are obsessed with you. Apollonia •BTS as Yanderes• •Coming Soon!• •Masterlist• Requests are closed. Pen Pal by @chinkbihh (criminal au) Haunted by @mint-yooxgi (Dark And Wild series) Metanoia by @lizardsocial (Wolf hybrid au) Every breath you take by @junqkook. ” Originally posted by sugasuite. :/ •first off • there’s a bunch of definitions for ‘yandere’ and i went with the “love struck one” • if BLOODBATH ━ YANDERE BTS REACTION*:・。.

and the event that #yandere BTS #yandere kpop #yandere x reader #Yandere Hoseok #BTS J-hope #Jung Hoseok #hoseok x reader #Yandere Hoseok x reader #Yandere BTS AU. BTS Reaction To Setting Up Some Rules || Demon!AU Requested Jin: It took you awhile to get used to the fact that the love of your life was a demon. x Reader. Hope you like it! Warning: If you don’t like yandere and toxic relationships don’t read this! And english is NOT my first language ,so I’m “She’s mine, and unfortunately for you, I really have to make sure you don’t get near her again. Yandere BTS Reaction to you Giving all your attention to the baby. This fic will have moments of yandere and a hint of non-con. His breath fanned your face, and the intensiveness in his love-sick and psychotic eyes, which also radiated 1. Obsession 《Taehyung Yandere》 (M,S)- pt (1) BOOKS (Stories don’t work! Wattpad is a cunt, it will be updated soon. Yandere BTS Reaction to you not 🗡🗡🗡Yandere BTS 🗡🗡-🗡Profiles🗡-🗡Masterlist🗡-Hello, and welcome, I'm Cory, and I like to write. Nemuri and Hizashi were getting on his nerves about his shaved scruff. The sound of bone cracking and teeth smashing echoed throughout Taehyung’s home. But, you knew that he couldn’t help it.

They were demanding that they were going to come over to his place to . bts mine yandere au tumblr

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